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    6.0 SP1 to 7.0 PDF title page and footer

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    I’m trying the 7.0 upgrade, have installed it and have been able to generate PDF, webhelp and epub outputs using existing files with no errors.

    Now I’m trying to bring in xsl configuration files that work just fine in 6.0 SP1 but I’m running into a few issues with the title page and footer information.

    In my map files I have defined, in topicmeta, things like copyright, creation date, version, and then place them on the cover during PDF output. What’s happening now is only one line is showing up on the title page and it keeps repeating based on the number of topics in the map. My footer problem is the date is getting over written by itself again and again and again the width of the footer field.

    Here is an example from the xm_titlepage.xsl

    Document Number:

    And from custom.xsl

    Any ideas?



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