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    50/50 docking

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    Is there a way to programatically tell two files to present themselves side by side?

    My goal is to start with an output xml file in the whole screen, then user will be able to “jump” to relevant sections in a the source file. I already know how to open the related file and do the jump- just looking to find out how to have the file open and dock to the side of the original file.

    Then if user opens another output xml file and jumps to the relevant section in the source file for that one the source file will open up in the already docked panel.

    TL:DR- looking to start with opening a file in a docked panel so the work area will have two panels side by side

    I am using XMetaL Author Enterprise 12.0


    Derek Read

    Reply to: 50/50 docking

    There are no APIs that provide this capability.


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