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Thanks for the reply, Derek. If I double-the error while in Plain Text view, it takes me to the colspec element. If I insert rowheader=”norowheader” into each of the colspec elements, I do not get the errors anymore. But when I try to save or check it in, it throws an “invalid against DTD error.”

We do not use a specialized DTD. However, I noticed that in the topic that has the errors, the DOCTYPE line is this:

But in a newly created topic, it is this:

If I create a new topic, copy all content from the topic that has the errors, and paste it into the new topic, it does not report the “rowheader” errors. But if I change the DTD reference in the topic with the errors, to the one from the new topic, it still has the errors.

So I believe you're right, it's a DTD issue, but I just can't figure out how to resolve it. I don't want to just create topics and copy all content into those because we would lose all of the versioning info for the topics (we use a CMS).