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Derek Read

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In case this is actually a concern for some reason, the DITA 1.2 spec lists it as an #IMPLIED attribute (and the DTD that I have shows it that way as well).


That suggests to me that the DTD being picked up for you (DITA-1.2/technicalContent/dtd/ditabase.dtd), which will be relative to the XML file at that location (ie: in a subfolder called DITA-1.2), defines this attribute as #REQUIRED.

But, if you are using the following DOCTYPE then (by default at least) you should be getting the DTDs that are installed with XMetaL Author provided there is no DTD named “reference.dtd in the same folder as the XML file (which I would expect is the case):

However, if a CMS is involved then it could be that nothing I've said above applies as CMS integrations often change where DTDs are loaded from by customizing XMetaL Author's behaviour through configuration and scripting.