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Derek Read

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I don't see any obvious issues with your catalog file that would trigger a crash. My guess is that something else being loaded is triggering the issue.

I do see that the XML file references a DTD on an HTTP server:

XMetaL Author will attempt to download the DTD, RLX or XAC file from that location together with any other files that XMetaL Author is able to obtain (CSS, CTM, MCR, possibly others). If XMetaL Author does find the DTD (or RLX or XAC file) it isn't going to use any entries from the catalog file. If it doesn't locate the DTD (or RLX or XAC) then it will use the entry in your catalog file to load the urteil.dtd from the same location as the catalog file, which will typically be in the Rules subfolder of the XMetaL Author installation.

Check to see that the DTD or other files do not exist at the HTTP server above if you don't want XMetaL Author to use that copy.

If you want thorough testing to be done on this, the files needed to reproduce the issue will be needed. That would include an XML sample (which you have provided here) but also the DTD, CSS, CTM, MCR, and any other files that the software is loading. Your issue could be due to the loading of the XML file itself, the DTD, any files that DTD references (entities, etc), the CSS properties interacting with the document, CTM settings or scripts, a script in the MCR file or a DLL that the MCR file references, maybe an XFT form, or perhaps some third party software the MCR or DLL code calls, possibly something else.

Please submit a support case to XMetaL Support here: https://xmetal.com/contact-support/

Note: That form does not accept file attachments. Once a case has been opened you can either send attachments via email. If email will not work for the files you need to send then XMetaL Support will let you know how to share them.

If 3rd party software is required to reproduce the issue (such as a CMS integration or some other software that modifies the XMetaL Author Enterprise installation to extend its functionality) please also let XMetaL Support know those details.

Please keep in mind that testing on version 6 cannot be done as it is an unsupported release. Testing will need to be done on a recent version. Issues are generally only corrected in the current release (right now that's 14) though exceptions are made for clients that must use a slightly older version that one of our partners requires in order to function with their software.

From the install-readme for XMetaL Author Enterprise 6 SP1 (released Jan 2010):

• Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7* or 2008 Server
* Windows 7 support is pending as only preliminary testing has been completed to date. Although no problems have appeared with XMetaL Author Enterprise under Windows 7, please use XMetaL Author Enterprise at your own risk.