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Derek Read

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Yes, XMetaL Developer includes a document-level customization called “MiniJournalist” which is a simple DTD and basic CSS, CTM files. Is that the kind of example you are looking for?

XMetaL Author itself includes three sample document-level customizations: Journalist, Meeting Minutes, and Docbook.

The Journalist sample uses a proprietary DTD created around the time DocBook for XML was being initially designed so it looks similar to some degree but it is just meant for demonstration. This customization shows off a large number of APIs through macros, includes some XFT forms, custom toolbars and menus. An XSD version of the DTD is also provided that uses all the same customization files but the XSD for validation and to drive the Element List and Attribute Inspector.

The Meeting Minutes sample is a really strange use for the software but it shows off some interesting functionality, including how to interact with a database.

The Docbook sample uses the 5.0 version of the Docbook standard DTDs. It is just a sample but could be used to build a more robust authoring environment for that schema. It shows off a bunch of APIs similar to the Journalist sample, exposed in this case via the Docbook menu (which itself is added to show how menus can be customized) and includes a demo of XInclude, and functionality for displaying the same document using different CSS styling.