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Derek Read

Reply to: XMetaL Essential hangs using UNC paths

Yes, that path looks to be far under any Windows limits (commonly 255).

Hard to say exactly what your issue might be. Perhaps there is some race condition occurring with multiple copies of the software or another process attempting to use files at the same time?

The initial posting suggested the software was hanging (and never opening the file). But it sounds to me like what you are saying is that the file is opened, it just takes longer using one method (there are many ways to open a file in the GUI and via different APIs) vs right clicking and asking Windows Explorer to ask XMetaL Author to open the file.

If you were to move the customization files to the user's local machine (this is the standard method of deployment) that should speed things up (if the issue is the speed of copying the files from the server each time).

I'm not sure what you mean when you mention macros being an issue. Whatever behaviour you are seeing with macros would likely be very specific to what the macro is doing. If you can provide XMetaL Support with some samples they could have a look and possibly make some recommendations.