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Derek Read

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I recall this bug. It was introduced sometime between version 8 (?) and 10 and was corrected sometime between version 10 and 13, though I'm not sure exactly when. I think it was introduced with version 8 because of a conflict with the new feature added that slides windows out of the way (“pin” and “auto hide”).

I've tested the behaviour in 13 (current release) and see the expected behaviour.

A value entered in the Attribute Inspector should be set when you perform the following actions:
– move to a different attribute (in the Attribute Inspector) for the same element using the mouse or tab key
– press enter
– put focus back into the same document using the mouse
– put focus into a different document using the mouse

Pressing the Esc key will return to the document without setting the attribute.

Note that this applies to setting values directly in the Attribute Inspector only. If an attribute is set in a form (even one launched from the Attribute Inspector) the logic for how attributes are set is contained entirely within the form and may vary depending on the customization and how the form was designed to function.