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Derek Read

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The feature does not exist in version 12, it was added in 13, so…

Unless there is some technical reason (reliance on 3rd party integrations is really the only one) for not upgrading that's still your best option I think. Clients with “maintenance” (which is every customer we have aside from very specific exceptions) can upgrade for “free” (that's actually what you pay maintenance for), if cost is the concern.

Another technical reason for not upgrading of course would be that your company has tested version 12 and is happy that it is stable with everything else you are doing (not necessarily 3rd party software but processes, configuration settings, etc) and that upgrading might be considered a risk.

If this feature is important I would recommend testing it in the trial version to see if it meets your needs, then perhaps check to see if you can (ie: your organization “allows” it) to upgrade to 13.

Antenna House is a partner* and what they are showing on that page (the one you have referenced) seems to be the existing functionality for working with subject schemes in the Japanese edition of XMetaL Author Enterprise 12. If anything, support in 12 (Japanese edition and the regular edition that you have) would be limited to (I believe) editing files that use the subjectScheme.dtd. XMetaL Author can handle any DTD, so that would have been possible as soon as that DTD existed, though having XML template as a starting point makes it easier too so maybe we included templates in 12. It doesn't have any of the actual support for subject schemes, ie: using the content of a subjectScheme saved in one file to work with attribute values in a topic or map (which is the feature added to 13).

* We provide support for Antenna House Formatter as part of our integration with the DITA Open Toolkit to produce PDF using that engine — the “deliverables” for that in our UI are listed as “PDF via Antenna House Formatter and PDF5-ML plugin” and “Antenna House VIA PDF2” (and possibly other names in releases older than 13).