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Derek Read

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In my case doing what you've stated here works for any application and file type on my machine (Windows 10 Enterprise), including associating .xml files with Notepad, XMetaL Author, then back to the default (which in my case was originally set to IE), then back to XMetaL Author.

However, I see in various places people are saying they have used Windows 10's “Choose default app for filetype” to do this instead. Search for that in Settings.

I don't think the Windows Registry area that stores file associations has changed (the keys for each filetype are listed under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT by file extension, so for XML it's under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.xml) so it's a mystery to me why one way to set this through the Windows GUI would work and the other doesn't.

Maybe Office has some additional feature configured that grabs that file extension back if you change it? I recall an issue like that with some specific version of IE (around when XP was the main version of Windows people used) and in the past some other XML authoring tools also had a setting that would check at startup to see if XML files were associated with them and reset it if it wasn't.