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Derek Read

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There are quite a few things that will disable a toolbar button that is supposed to be configured to run a macro. Here are a few guesses:

1. The API DisableMacro() is being called to disable the macros that are disabled.

2 If a TBR file is used (not recommended) it might be incorrectly formatted or broken, or the user may have made modifications. Or it could be that the complete rewrite of the menu and toolbar system that was done with version 8 (and inherited by all newer releases) was incomplete and somehow unable to read all permutations of TBR files created with older versions.

3. If the toolbars are being modified/added via MCR file through script using the CommandBars object (recommended) then the script may have issues. That is unlikely if it is working for one version. However, the MCR file may be broken or missing for the version or installation where the behaviour is not what you expect.

4. Perhaps the behaviour of the software itself is different if run on an untested / unsupported version of Windows. None of the version 6 XMetaL products were tested on Windows 10 and none of them were supported on that release (the latest version of Windows at the time of testing was XP SP3). The first version to be tested and released for Windows 10 was XMetaL Author Enterprise version 11 (followed shortly afterwards by XMetaL Author Essential 11 and XMAX 11).