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Derek Read

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If you are working with XML then this means your DTD declares elements using uppercase names. To change this you would need to alter the DTD to declare elements using the text case you want them to be in (then adjust the XML to match so that the XML is valid).

If this is an SGML document, and the SGML DTD declares your elements using a case other than uppercase (lowercase or some mixture of upper and lowercase) then check to see if the SGML declarations file includes the naming rule “NAMECASE GENERAL YES”, check to see if there is no NAMECASE naming rule (the default for this rule is “YES”), and check to see if there is no declarations file. If so, then element names will be displayed and saved in uppercase. To fix this, confirm that the DTD declares element names in something other than uppercase, that there is a declarations file, and that “NAMECASE GENERAL NO” is present.

If that is the case, and element names still appear in uppercase, then most likely you have run into the same issue reported to XMetaL Support last year where a client was expecting declarations files using the file extension .dcl to be supported by XMetaL Author Essential (it is suspected this is because Arbortext used this for its SGML declarations files whereas XMetaL has always used .dec).

In this case you have two possible options:
1. Check to see that the declarations file has the same file name as the DTD and a .dec file extension (ie: mySGMLDTD.dtd + mySGMLDTD.dec). If that doesn't work, or isn't acceptable for your environment…
2. Install XMetaL Author Essential (current release as of this posting). This version supports SGML declarations files named using either .dec or .dcl file extensions (the file name itself still needs to match the DTD's file name and be in the same folder as the DTD). The internal file format of the SGML declarations file remains unchanged and is still a standard SGML declarations file.