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Derek Read

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I suspect it should be possible given the right requirements. I can't guess how much effort would be required to get it working. I think it would be difficult to justify possibly doing so much work for (what I suspect) is of minimal benefit. Most likely it would be easiest to rewrite it from scratch based on the requirements for what to check (what is considered “invalid”).

If the Schematron that DeltaXML created was straightforward, consisting of just asserts and rules then that would likely just work, or possibly need minimal changes. However, their Schematron uses to bring in a couple of complicated XSL files and if those are required I don't think that is going to be easy. There are also a number of namespaces declared and for the most part Saxon-CE implementation of XSLT2 does not handle namespaces (though JustSystems has implemented support for a number of the ones used by Schematron with some workarounds so that Saxon-CE never sees those).