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Derek Read

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I think I've found the original blog posting that lead you to that Schematron:

From what I'm reading here, that Schematron published by DeltaXML (the one you are trying to use) may work with their own software (I'm not sure) but it sounds experimental given some of the comments and instructions included on the GitHub pages.

The blog post suggests the Schematron is essentially checking CALS table validity (not for some additional “business rules” or non-CALS-standards requirements) so it really sounds redundant to run a CALS table that has been validated in XMetaL Author through an additional validation engine. The XML validating parser in XMetaL Author will catch all validation issues with a CALS table (or any other XML) when comparing it to the proper DTD (or XSD).

If you can let me know what the ultimate end goal is that will help us understand your needs better.