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Derek Read

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The “user word list” used by Writing Tools is stored here:

%appdata%DocumentsCorel User FilesXMetaL

That's the default location. You can put the files anywhere on your machine and then tell Writing Tools where a particular file is by adding it to Writing Tools for a particular language using Options > User Word Lists.

That setting is stored in the registry as well.

You can point to up to 10 different files for each language. At least I think it's 10. I can't see any reason or need to go beyond 1 or 2. However, what that means is that you could have a file that all users use, different files for different groups, or a combination of multiple files where some group only needs one and another group might use that one plus additional files. I think in the vast majority of cases a single file is enough for all. However, what this does allow is to have a file you install that does not get updated by the user, and leave their own UWL set as the default so they can add their own words to it (when a user adds words to the spell checker they go into the “default” UWL file).