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Derek Read

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Here are some things to try:

1. Navigate to another website instead to see if the issue is limited to something Google is doing. Your screenshot suggests Google is serving up some code that is giving you issues.
2. Navigate to an HTML page you have stored on disk that you've created yourself. C:tempmytest.html or something, then put nothing into that HTML file except very basic HTML and no scripts and see if that renders.
3. Load google.com directly into IE (and specifically not Edge which is an entirely different engine and not embedded when you use Shell.Explorer).

I'm fairly certain you would see the same IE version reported for embedded copies. If you want to try to check that you would probably need to create an HTML page that contains script that displays the value for window.navigator.userAgent, then load the page into the Resource Manager (as #2 above).

It sounds like you are dealing with this with Tom through email. I think we should try to limit the communicate for this to that one pathway.