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Derek Read

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Popping something up in Normal view in the same way it appears in Tags On view would tend to get in the way I think, at least if the same gesture was used.

The only thing I can think of that might give you some bit of similar functionality immediately using existing functionality and that wouldn't get in the way would be to display something in the status bar. There isn't a lot of room in there though, so I think you'd want to limit which attributes are being displayed to one or two.

The following would give you that functionality, provided it doesn't conflict with another macro already in your customization(s) that is displaying information in there:

[code]var attrs = [“id”,”href”]; var msg = “”;
for(i=0;i msg += attrs + “=””;
msg += Selection.ContainerAttribute(attrs
) + “”  “;

I don't think that is much better than having the Attribute Inspector open but you might feel otherwise. One benefit might be that displaying this information in the status bar kind of makes sense because you don't really know exactly what you have selected in Normal view unless you look at the mini-context to see which element you are in (and that appears just above the status bar, so you're looking in the same place).