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Thanks for your advice! That sounds like we've done everything fine till now, we use XMetaL API in a dll, which seems to work. If we have more than one Macro, all macros are packed into the .mcr build by XMetaL Developer, right?

The thing is…we have a lot of different schema DTDs. How can we deploy these? In the past, we handled this with the help of a catalog file, that referenced sub-catalog files and so on, so that referenced schema DTDs could be resolved. I know that there's a catalog in “Rules” folder, but can I reference my own catalog in any way? Or does I have to build my own document level customization for every schema DTD? How would I deploy the .xac, that means, in which folder do I have to place it, or reference it?

We are on the very beginning of our customization, so, sorry for your time.