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Derek Read

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The TBR format is undocumented so these files can be easily broken and are best managed by the application. XMetaL Author provides a UI for making modifications to your toolbars for end users.

If this is for distribution to multiple users as part of a customization please use the CommandBars APIs in an MCR file to create toolbars and then distribute the MCR file as part of the customization. These APIs are documented as part of the XMetaL Developer Programmer's Guide

You can't create shortcut keys for menu items. In other words, you cannot assign a key to a menu item that directly activates the action associated with that menu item. However, you can assign or change the hotkey for a menu item. When you name (or rename) a menu item, if you insert an ampersand (&) into the menu item's “button text” value, the letter (character) following the ampersand becomes the hotkey. When the item's parent menu is open, pressing the item's hotkey activates the item.

To assign (or change) a hotkey for a menu item:
1. Right click on the toolbar area and select Customize.
2. Navigate to and select the menu item you wish to change.
3. Right click on the menu item and select “Button Appearance”.
4. In the Button Appearance dialog edit the value for the “Button Text”. Include an ampersand before the letter you want to use to activate this item. It is best to select a letter that is not already in use in that menu.
5. Click OK to dismiss the Button Appearance dialog.
6. Click OK to dismiss the Customize dialog.

Some built-in actions have a shortcut key assigned that allows you to execute that feature without needing to go into a menu (for example: Ctrl+S = Save). These cannot be altered without overriding that functionality (which requires scripting). Macros can have shortcut keys assigned as well. The developer of the macro assigns the shortcut key to it using XMetaL Developer so if you need this changed please check with teh developer of the macro. See the XMetaL Developer help for details on assigning a shortcut key to a macro. Macros with shortcut keys can be run directly by pressing the shortcut key combination and you can also run them from the Macros toolbar and Macros dialog. You can also assign a hotkey to a menu item associated with a macro. The steps are basically the same as listed above except that instead of “New Menu” item you will be adding an “Application Macro” or “ Macro”.

Note: If you launch XMetaL Author as an administrator you can reassign the shortcut key for a macro using the Macros dialog, but I would recommend asking the developer to do that so that such changes are made for everyone in the organization.