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Derek Read

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Transformation would probably be best done before opening the file (if only one table model is defined in the schema). There is an event that lets you intercept a file that is being opened (the file path) that lets you do what you want with it before actually opening it.

Making modifications to the file after it is open would be tricky (to the point that I would avoid trying to do that). However, if the document model (your Schema / DTD) supports both types of tables then this would be easier.

Saving would be similarly tricky, and also probably made easier if both table models are defined in the schema. There are several events that let you make changes to a document before saving, and it would also be possible to write out a file using script (bypassing XMetaL's own save) though this needs to be done carefully.

However, having said that, I'm quite certain most table models can be supported by the table authoring feature with the right settings in the CTM file. Seeing your files will allow XMetaL Support to properly help.

Your statement that you feel it would be easier to transform to another table model (not sure which, CALS, HTML?) to make it easier to work with your documents with other downstream tools makes me wonder why you aren't just using CALS or HTML in the first place. There must be some reason for that?