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Derek Read

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Yes, things have changed in order to better support arbitrary table models. Anything that is not CALS and not HTML (which are both supported natively and automatically) can now be both rendered and edited as a table. Previously such tables could only be rendered while none of the fancy table editing functions available for CALS and HTML were available.

Any group of nested elements at three levels (parent/child/grandchild = table/row/cell) could always be rendered as a table (using CSS) but the Table Properties dialog and the table editing functions in the Table menu and Table toolbar would do nothing. You can now identify such tables using a “Treat As Table” setting in the CTM file and that will enable this functionality.

Having said all of that, any existing table model that follows the CALS or HTML table specs should “just work” as it always has. We would need to see your DTD / XSD and a sample XML file to let you know why it isn't working in your case. The feature has likely not been tested by that many clients so I wouldn't be surprised if you've turned up an issue.

If your table model isn't CALS or HTML then we would also want to see a copy of the DTD / XSD and a sample XML file so we could let you know what needs to be set in the CSS & CTM to enable both the display and editing capabilities.

Please submit any files through XMetaL Support.