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Again, I am grateful for your time, but I realized we have bigger problem.  Our schema uses a different set of tags for optional column headers in our tables. For column headers, the custom row tags are ColumnLabelRow, and the custom cell tags are ColumnLabel (vs TableContentsRow and TableEntry for the data rows).  It doesn't look like the Tables element in the CTM file will allow two different custom tags for and .  So, it looks like the solution may be to change our custom table tag to de-conflict with XMetaL's table tag. 

The least disruptive (though quite inelegant) approach would be to transform the document (changing the “Table” tag to “myTable”) when the document is opened then transform it back (thus reverting “myTable” to “Table”) when saving or validating.  In other words, while the document is in XMetaL, the “myTable” tag would prevent the conflict.  By reverting the tag a lot downstream processing tools would not have to change.  I've looked at the Developer's Guide and see some references to transformations for output to PDF or HTML, but I'm not sure if the in-memory transformation is possible.  Kind regards.