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Derek Read

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This means the Windows JavaScript engine has been disabled for your computer. It might be broken (ie: Windows is broken) or 3rd party software may have disabled it. The latter is a strategy for some antivirus packages.

Check to see if you have any 3rd party software that may be doing this (starting with features in your antivirus software if you have something installed).
Check that the following DLL exists, is not broken (repair Windows), and registered (using the regsvr32.exe Windows tool):


In newer versions of Windows there may be additional files involved that make up the JScript engine. Ultimately, your best bet would be to check with any 3rd party vendor that you suspect might be interfering with how this portion of Windows functions. Their software might be stopping you from registering the DLL, or perhaps monitoring it and deactivating it again. You can also check with Microsoft to see if they are aware of this kind of issue. It may be that your IT people have disabled this Windows functionality or are locking up the system for your permissions level using Windows security settings or 3rd party software other than an antivirus tool.