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Derek Read

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Sounds like a good solution.

Sorry about saying to check for @colnum on entry elements. That is of course not actually allowed in a CALS table. It is the colname as you suggested (and discussed in all of those DITA trackers).

XMetaL Author does get rid of the colname when you merge cells. Most of the time we try to keep the XML to a minimum where possible. Because colname is not needed in this case it is dropped. It seems a bit odd that the DITA OT would be checking for that though. It is not actually a required element at all (according to the DTDs) so I'm not sure what it is even validating against in this case (or if this is validation). A table without any colname values will validate according to the DITA DTDs. It will also render correctly (at least in XMetaL Author) because in this case the order of the entry elements is then assumed to be the order they should appear in the row (left to right) as described in the CALS spec.