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Reverting to
did the trick.
DITA_OT2.2 returned the same error.

Of 3860 elements in the document, 3856 had @colname, which is inserted by XMetaL automatically when you edit tables. XMetaL does not insert @colnum on cells.
I think the problem starts when you merge cells (which I did using the XMetaL 12 GUI). Then @colname disappears, @namest and @nameend take over, and the error occurs.
I have 4 cells that do that, thus making up the number.
This phenomenon is also reported in https://github.com/dita-ot/dita-ot/issues/2212

For the moment, I will direct the team to use DITA_OT2.0 in the Other Output Parameters, but the feeling of unease prevails…..

Thanks, Derek.

Marc Beckers
Software AG