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I put together a HTML sample to try this out and I am seeing the same behavior as you (re: OnDragOver and OnDrop event sinks are NOT called).  

So, I started up the debugger and internally, XMAX (and Author) handles this kind of drag'n'drop using the Windows WM_DROPFILES message.  The code will fire the On_Drop_Files event macro, if present, to permit hooking into this behavior.  XMAX cannot fully utilize this event macro because certain APIs are missing (re: Application.DropFileCount and Application.DropFileName).  Nevertheless, there is a way to disable this functionality by adding an empty doc-level “On_Drop_Files” event macro to your customization's *.mcr file.   Two caveats:

1. This disables dropping of ALL file types into the XMAX window.
2. The system still shows the drop cursor as a plus sign indicating the drop is allowed (eventhough nothing happens later).