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Derek Read

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Is this attribute meant to be used like the DITA conditional text attributes @audience, @platform, @product, or @otherprops?

In other words, is the attribute you have specialized based on @props?

If so, you can configure the conditional text feature so that your attribute will work alongside the standard DITA conditional text attributes (listed above). See Help > Creating and modifying conditions (or search for “modifying conditions” or “ct_config.xml”).

This enables a “…” button in the Attribute Inspector for conditional text attributes that opens a dialog that lets you select the values you have defined (in the ct_config.xml file). You can also access the same dialog via the Reuse menu by selecting “Apply / Remove Conditions” or by right clicking on any element and selecting “Apply / Remove Conditions”. The Reuse menu contains another dialog that lets you configure how elements with specific attributes and values set appear using the “Style Conditional Text” option.

Or perhaps this is not a specialized DITA DTD? It sounds like you might be modifying the DTDs according to the XML specification (if you are creating attributes using NMTOKEN) and not DITA's more specific specialization rules. I guess we'd need to see it to be sure.