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Derek Read

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Your screenshot shows something external to the XMetaL Author Enterprise UI that would be provided by SDL. If you must use it to create DITA conrefs you will have to deal with whatever requirements or limitations that system has.

I'm not sure why you would be forced to use Plain Text view but presumably that means SDL is disabling or modifying the built-in functions provided for conrefs (and perhaps other things) on the Reuse menu or that their system has additional requirements or limitations from the standard DITA markup. I can think of no reason that you could not still use the Attribute Inspector however. You can modify @id and @conref values there as well. Perhaps it seems easier to use Plain Text view as you are happy editing XML markup directly.

I would urge you to check with SDL to see if their system has done this for a reason. If these limitations are put there on purpose then bypassing them by creating DITA conref markup via other means (Plain Text or whatever) may not be a good thing for the SDL system. It is also possible that their system can handle DITA conrefs but that if you use them then you cannot take advantage of some other feature that SDL provides that is incompatible.

It would also be good to check with them in case these are limitations so that they are aware of them and can addess them in a future release, or in case they have already addressed them in a version of their software that is compatible with the current release of XMetaL Author Enterprise (currently version 11 and soon to be 12).