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Derek Read

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Is this in reference to DITA documents? If not, ignore the following (we will then also need more detail).

I'm not sure about the requirements that come from the SDL side, but XMetaL Author Enterprise does allow you to do this. The resulting DITA is valid so if there is some additional requirement coming from the SDL side that would not allow this I'm not sure what that would be. I think SDL has their own non-DITA method of reuse, so that might be in conflict somehow. Hopefully they can give you more detail.

If the row you want to conref to (the target) has an @id set on it you can select “Insert Element with Content Reference” from the Reuse menu and you will see that id value listed. I am attaching a screenshot of what you should see as the end result.
In this case:
a) The first row in the table has an @id set on the row element.
b) The last row in the table has @conref set to point to that id value. This was inserted using “Insert Element with Content Reference” and selecting the @id for the row listed in that dialog. As with any other conref it is displayed with a grey background indicating that its content cannot be modified directly.

In this example both the conref target and source are in the same file. This is only to make a single screenshot possible for this forum post. As with any other DITA conref the target and source can be in different files.

If you update the content in the first row of this table then select “Refresh References” (F11) the last row will update to match. The “Show Local Content” and other options related to conref and reuse are all applicable as well.