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There isn't anything included with the standard XMetaL Developer tools, and the XFT file format is binary so I don't think any 3rd party tools will be able to extract anything meaningful from them.

I'm attaching a modified version of the xflayout.exe that includes a view that displays all code from all events on all objects as a single listing.

This was built for internal use only, it is buggy, and we don't plan on releasing anything like this officially at the moment, so do not use this version for creating or editing XFT. You can use it for copying existing code to some other tool. There is no Ctrl+A, so you need to drag to select all the code but this is still far easier than using xflayout.exe if you have multiple objects or events.

1) Copy the EXE to your machine.
2) Launch the EXE and acknowledge Windows security warnings, if any.
3) Use this version of the tool to open an XFT as you would with the standard xflayout.exe tool.
4) Click the “View Script” button, or select View > Script Editor, or press Ctrl+T.
5) At the top of this version of the Script Editor there are 4 grey buttons. Use the 4th one to view all the code.

Great, thanks again Derek. You've saved us some RSI pain.