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If you just need one character then you can embed just that one character from the font into the PDF (which would keep the size of the PDF down). The changes required are virtually the same, with one directive being different (embed the whole font vs embed only characters needed by the current document). The only time you would really need to embed the whole font (I think) would be for a PDF that you expect the reader to be able to edit and enter their own characters.

If you can let me know which version of the software you are running and which deliverable you are using to generate your PDF I can point you in the right direction. At least two files need to be modified but they will be different and in different locations depending on that info.

Thanks for your help with this, much appreciated.

XMetaL author enterprise version
DITA version 1.2
To generate the PDF, we specialise on the “com.xmetal.xmfo” plugin