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Derek Read

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I am unable to reproduce this issue, but as XMAX 7 is very old I am not testing with that version.

This issue does not appear to occur in version 11 either, but I am testing with a simple DTD, simple XML content, simple CSS, absolute minimum CTM settings and no MCR file. XMAX is embedded in an HTML page inside IE version 11. The only script loads a string into XMAX and XMAX is finding the DTD, CSS and CTM files from the path specified in the XML file's DOCTYPE declaration.

I suggest you test with the current release. If the issue still occurs in version 11 please contact XMetaL Support and provide all the files needed to reproduce the issue. The issue you describe could be caused by a script or macro that is running and manipulating the user's selection. If it isn't caused directly by a script or macro then we might be looking for a bug triggered by some very specific combination of DTD, CSS, and CTM settings or perhaps even the content of the XML itself.

If it was easy to reproduce this is the kind of issue that other clients would have reported. There aren't any bugs filed that match what you are describing.