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Derek Read

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The UI of the application is controlled by Windows Display settings.
The styling of XML files is controlled by the CSS file associated with your DTD.

I'm not sure what else to suggest. Have you checked to see that you are using an identical CSS file to your colleagues?

If you still feel that with all the same files in place you are seeing different behaviour please contact XMetaL Support and provide a copy of the files you are installing (at minimum this includes a DTD/XSD, CSS, and CTM files) together with a sample XML file. Also include the exact path for where you are placing them. They can then tell you exactly what is happening.

Styling can be affected programmatically as well (effectively overriding any settings in the CSS file by setting CSS settings using APIs) so if your installation includes any MCR files send those as well.

Keep in mind that official support is provided for the current release and one full version back so XMetaL Support would be testing your files against version 11. The fundamentals of CSS styling have not changed since version 1 however so there are unlikely to be any differences in behaviour (at least from what you describe) between version 6 and 11, especially since you say your colleagues have no issues. That suggests very strongly that your installations are different and that it is just a matter of identifying what is unique to your particular set of files.