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Derek Read

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There is no automated way to add “non-approved” words to the UWL.

Adding words that want to allow is easy but does not apply to your case (things that you consider correct that the spell checker does not). In that case you can simply add all the words to a single file (any XML file), launch the spell checker, click the Add button once, then hold down the Enter key to repeatedly add all the others.

There is no quick way that is similar for adding “non-approved” words. This will require several mouse clicks or shortcut key presses for every word. There is also no way to add such words to a UWL file directly using any software that JustSystems can provide (nor do I know of any 3rd party solutions).

An alternative solution you might look into is to add a macro that performs an additional check on your document before saving or before validating (this is general a good times to let the user know there is content in the document that they should avoid feeding into the rest of your system). There is an example of this with the Journalist demo that checks for a specific email format for its “Email” element using the On_Check_Element_SimpleContent event macro. That event only works for elements that allow *only* PCDATA are encountered (not elements that allow mixed content). If you need to check elements with mixed content you would need to use another event and then walk the entire node tree yourself, or put the entire document into a string, or similar.