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Derek Read

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Check whether XMetaL Author 6.0 is running on a supported version of Windows. This information is included in the Install Readme.html file included with the installer.

Many things in an XMetaL Author customization can trigger a crash so it is really impossible to say what in particular might be causing this without having access to the customization you are using (XML sample, DTD/XSD, CSS, CTM, MCR files and possibly other files). I would recommend that you submit a support case to XMetaL Support and include everything needed to reproduce the issue: all required files (as listed above) and a set of steps that reproduces the issue. XMetaL Support will try to reproduce your issue on the current release. If the issue does not occur in the current release then upgrading will resolve it (and we can assume you have run into a bug in 6.0 that has since been fixed in 7, 8, 9 or 10). If the issue does occur in the current release then it might either be your customization or the software itself. If it is the software that needs fixing then the fix would be incorporated into the next possible release.

I would recommend you try the current release (even before submitting the case) as a huge number of bug fixes have been made between version 6 and 10.

There are no dependencies on Java for standard features in XMetaL Author version 6 that I am aware of. So unless the XMetaL customization you are running specifically calls out to Java (I think that would be quite unusual) it should not come into play. If Java is being used for something then the most likely place to look for the cause is in your customization.