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Hi Derek,

I am looking through the .js files as you suggested.

NOTE: I'm pretty certain that this code and xft, work as is, in Xmetal 6.0. All of the users that we have, that are still using Xmetal 6, ARE able to get this macro to work.

You had mentioned that the DITA developers has used similar code. Is it possible that something was changed under the covers in Xmetal, around or shortly after version 6.0, that changed and necessitated the AddTopLevelobject call prior to starting the form?

In either case i found the following code seems to work:

// Note must be in tags on view for this to work.
nonmodalDlg = null;
      XftCtrl = new ActiveXObject(“XF.XFTForm”);
XftCtrl.AddTopLevelObject(“Application”, Application);
XftCtrl.AddTopLevelObject(“ActiveDocument”, ActiveDocument);
XftCtrl.AddTopLevelObject(“Selection”, Selection);
      nonmodalDlg = XftCtrl.StartForm(“C:\Doczone\Forms\xRefErrs.xft”, 0);

(Do you know if this is all i need to add, to regain the xft functionality?)

If this is a nonstandard, undocumented/unsupported method to do this, what would be the correct way?

Also, is it possible to debug inside an xft file? I had put the debugger; command inside the code of the .xft file, but it never made it to the debugger?

Thanks again,