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Derek Read

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I've only seen the issue where everything in IE is scaled up or down.

I don't know what would cause different portions of the Map Editor to be rendered in different sizes. It sounds to me like a CSS issue that is somehow affecting one portion of the HTML in there and not the other. Assuming the files on your system in our installation have not been altered I can only conclude that your version of IE is somehow choosing to render these things differently, in which case it is possibly an IE 11 bug (nothing can be done) or a limitation (perhaps there is some workaround).

The CSS files are here:

I wouldn't try changing anything in those files but do check to see that the “last modified date” matches (indicating that they have not been modified):

last modified: 2013-01-15 @ 14:14:50

last modified: 2011-06-09 ‏‎12:46:18

(translate the time to your local format)