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Derek Read

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1. Check to see if the setting for the author's “name” is set in Tools > Options on the “General” tab. If it hasn't been changed it should be the user's Windows account name as the default.

2. Yes, this is how the Attribute Inspector works in XMetaL Author 8, 9 and 10. To set a value use the Enter key (puts focus back into the document) or the Tab key (puts focus on the next attribute).

3. It would be best to submit a case to XMetaL Support that includes a copy of the document you are working with and a copy of the customization. In this case just the schema may be enough to reproduce the issue, but if you can send the whole customization that might save time later. It is also very possible that whatever issue you are seeing in 9 has been addressed in XMetaL Author Enterprise 10, so you might want to do your own testing with that release.

4. Not sure which product you have (XMetaL Author Enterprise or XMetaL Author Essential) but it should not take that much longer to start up. Maybe an extra second or two? I suspect something else is contributing if it takes much longer than an additional few seconds. There are differences between XMetaL Author Essential and XMetaL Author Enterprise too, with the latter loading more features (mostly related to DITA authoring and CMS integration support). Maybe check to see if you are comparing the same products. i.e.: Were you running Essential before but are now running Enterprise? Also, check to see that any 3rd party integrations or your own customizations are not themselves more complex.