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Derek Read

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The layout of the application's windows (including how toolbars are positioned) is stored in the registry for each user.

If all of your users have identical screen resolutions then you could copy the settings and they would probably work, provided you can pinpoint which settings those are. For version 9 the settings are stored here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSoftQuadXMetaL 9.0Workspace

I think the settings for toolbars (among other things) are stored in a DTDs subkey and there will be a different one for every document type you work with.

If you can really guarantee that everyone has identical screen resolutions then you might do this:
1. Export that registry key from a clean installation.
2. Set things up for the toolbars making sure you don't change any other settings.
3. Export the same key.
4. Diff the two files and pull out the settings that are changed.
5. Create a new reg file using just the changed settings.
6. “Run” the reg file on the users machines (or insert the registry values some other way if you have another tool that will let you do that).