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Derek Read

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It likely won't help in this case though. It sounds like the macro(s) is not even being triggered, so an alter (or debugger statement) won't even be triggered.

I think I'd have to see a complete MCR file to figure out what's going wrong here. It would be best to submit that to XMetaL Support.

@barbwire — Put this at the start of any JScript Macro (or a later position where you want debugging to begin):

You need a debugging environment for that to be useful though. If you don't have Visual Studio or another similar environment then you can get the Microsoft Script Debugger here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22185

Debugging with alerts can be helpful for simple scripts and many people get by OK using this method, but debugging can be vastly more powerful and effective. All debugging tools let you step through the script line by line, and some let you set break points, check values of variables and properties, expand an object to view all of its available properties and methods, alter variable values and continue execution, and other things.