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Derek Read

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Can you please provide a bit more detail?

The best (most unambiguous) information to provide would be an example of what the XML source looks like before and after the modification you are asking about.

If you can post an example of the entire (and preferably small) table that would be best. We would then know which table model is being discussed and the elements and / or attributes in that table model you are referring to when you say “align”. Then if there is an easy way to make those changes using the UI I can probably state how that can be done. If there is no built-in method then perhaps a solution can be provided via scripting or some other means.

Obviously, since XMAX does not provide the equivalent of the “Table Properties” dialog that XMetaL Author includes, you need to build your own for XMAX (so if you have something it might need to be extended). Depending on what we're talking about, it may or may not be possible to build exactly the same feature (if it exists in XMetaL Author).