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Derek Read

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All the requirements you list here are included with the MathFlow plug-in for XMetaL Author Enterprise from Design Science, though if you already have a specialized DTD then you might need to tweak it slightly to support the expectations of MathFlow (which their documentation and support team can help with).

If you have an alternate editor for MathML then you could build something similar to the MathFlow integration, perhaps, but the final functionality and how tightly it could be made to integrate with XMetaL Author Enterprise will depend on the capabilities of that tool. This isn't just a plug and play thing, unless the other tool has created a similar integration along the lines of the development that Design Science has done. What Design Science has done is to leverage the extensive customizability of XMetaL Author Enterprise using various APIs provided in our software to launch their tool and to instruct XMetaL Author Enterprise to render bitmap versions of the resulting MathML (which MathFlow generates) so that you can see them “inline” while authoring a DITA document (and they have helped clients modify other DTDs to support MathML for use with MathFlow as well). They provide a specialized version of the DITA DTDs that already includes the necessary additions to allow it to support MathML.

Yes, MathML will be included with DITA 1.3 and DITA 1.3 authoring will be included in an upcoming release of XMetaL Author Enterprise. MathML editing will be included out-of-the-box but it is unlikely to approach the ease of use or capabilities of MathFlow. The most likely scenario for out-of-the-box authoring of MathML in XMetaL Author Enterprise (inline inside a DITA 1.3 document) will probably mean working directly with the MathML elements and attributes, just as you might with any other DITA markup. Probably not something most people that need to edit MathML would find easy to do, at least once a formula gets beyond the very basics.

I expect that Design Science will update their integration with XMetaL Author Enterprise to support DITA 1.3 once it is available but I cannot really speak for them.

You might wish to speak with one of our service partners. They might be able to help you come up with a similar solution for another MathML editor. I believe Suite Solutions has some experience working with MathML, but I believe they also recommend using MathFlow (or at least have done so in the past). I'm sure many of our other partners would be able to help as well. See: http://xmetal.com/partners-service/