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Derek Read

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Here's a workaround that works for me:

1. Use Word to open your Word document.
2. Use Word's “Save As” command and choose “Web Page, Filtered” as the file type to save the file. If you are told that some features in the document are not supported you will need to answer “yes”. This affects the newly created HTML file so is safe to do (but of course always have a backup of your original just in case).
3. Close the file.
4. Now you can make a choice:
a. Open the “fixed” HTML file back into Word and then re-save it as a Word document. The lists should be “normal” now but the file might not look exactly the same if some of the original Word features you used don't have a direct HTML equivalent.
b. Open the HTML file in a browser and copy and paste from there.

Saving to HTML seems to force Word to convert whatever confused markup it is using internally for lists to a single list, so they must have implemented some special code to deal with that (otherwise web pages saved from Word would include broken up lists like you are seeing after pasting into XMetaL Author Enterprise).