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Derek Read

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To do this you would need to embed either an XFT form or ActiveX control of some kind.

XMetaL Developer's Customization Guide discusses creating and embedding XFT. Search for “XFT” in the Customization Guide for relevant topics.

You can also embed an ActiveX (or OCX) control, but it is probably easier for most people to create an XFT than an ActiveX control. XMetaL Developer includes a tool for creating and editing XFT. ActiveX controls are created using 3rd party software (usually from Microsoft). For information on embedding an ActiveX control search for “In-Place Control” in the Customization Guide. If you have a control already, or you can use one that is part of Windows or another product (one good example would be the Microsoft “calendar” control).

If the attributes you are setting have a very limited number of options then you might get away with doing something like this if this type of UI would work for your users: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,2259.0.html