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Derek Read

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Yes, that documentation is outdated unfortunately.

Here's what it probably should say.

“n.n” = the DITA version active at the time of doing the Tools > Select Specialized DITA DTD… operation (1.1 or 1.2).
“nn” = the same as n.n but without the literal period character.

1. Copy this entire folder AuthorDITAXACsn.n
2. Copy the reusable components file AuthorDITADITA_n.n_DTDdcspecialized-typemods.ent
3. Copy the XAC catalog file AuthorDITAXACsn.ndita_xac_catalog_specialized.xml
4.  If you created one or more templates copy them to the same folder you saved them in inside AuthorTemplate
5. Copy the rules catalog file AuthorRulesditann_specialized.soc (e.g. dita12_specialized.soc).