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Derek Read

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The work to make the XMetaL Author “UAC-savvy” was started with 6.0 SP1 and completed by the release of version 7 (the time that Windows XP SP2 / Vista began to enforce Microsoft's rules about locking down the C:Program Files directories to anything but an installer).

Configuration files (such as xmetal90.ini) are now written to and read from this folder, which is read/write for the current user's account:

I'm not sure about the timing of On_Application_Close for deploying an INI file. I suspect that if it was working in your old instances it might continue to work with the new version, but since the INI file is written out when XMetaL Author is shutting down there likely will be some conflict there. To get that to work I think you might need to try to launch the .bat file and include some kind of delay in there so that your copy is performed after XMetaL Author finishes shutting down.

What kind of settings are you putting into the INI file that require them to be updated frequently? There may be a better solution to what your scripts are doing.