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Derek Read

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Depending on what you mean by plug-in and how it was built, your results will vary from “it works exactly as it is without modification” to “you may need to recompile it but likely will not need to modify your code” to “it requires some modification”.

The last one is unlikely, though we did make changes to the GUI in some products between version 7 and 8 so if your plug-in modifies or extends the GUI in some way it might need to be adjusted.

We'd need to know more about what you have built to give a good answer. However, my suggestion would be to install it into an XMetaL Author Enterprise, XMetaL Author Essential, or XMAX 9 installation, test it, then debug it if you run into issues.

Note that “XMetaL” is a brand name currently used with 4 of our products so you need to be more specific if you want people to know which product you are asking about.