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Derek Read

Reply to: xmetal70.exe has exited with code -1073741819 access violation

There's no way to guess what might be causing this. The best thing to do would be to reinstall the software. When reinstalling do not install any 3rd party software that integrates with or modifies XmetaL Author Essential (CMS integrations, plug-ins, customizations — anything at all that modifies the XMetaL installation).

If recent changes have been made to the affected machines it would be helpful to try to pinpoint what those changers were.

Please also try resetting the XMetaL Author Essential workspace. If you or 3rd party software has modified files in the XMetaL installation there can be incompatibilities with that software and putting XMetaL into its default state can help. To do this launch the software with the Ctrl key down and answer “yes” when prompted to reset the workspace.

If after trying these things the software continues to have issues then submit a support case to XMetaL Support. They can try to help troubleshoot the issue by having you generate and submit files created by Microsoft's procdump.