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Derek Read

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After you set this value did you remove and then reinstall XMetaL Author Enterprise?
That is a requirement. Setting this value only tells Windows to create files with the 8.3 file names, it does not cause it to recreate those values for existing files on your system.
So, you must uninstall then reinstall the software. If after you uninstall the following folder remains you must remove it before reinstalling:


Note that C:ProgramData is a hidden folder in Windows, so you must make sure you can view folders that are hidden on your system to make sure its subfolders are not present.

> a. Does it supports Math ML equations ? if yes, how to write in DITA task / topic ?

>> Because DITA itself does not support MathML you need to specialize DITA to include the MathML schema. However, if you just do that then you will be editing the raw MathML as XML, which is not easy to do unless you are intimately familiar with MathML specification. The best option for this is to talk to our partner Design Science. They provide a plug-in for XMetaL that allows you to edit MathML graphically, showing a visual representation of the MathML using their equation editor “MathFlow”. They also make the necessary changes to DITA for you and I believe they provide some form of publishing extension to the DITA OT that will allow you to get your MathML into a usable form in your generated output. See http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathflow/mf_for_xmetal.htm

> b. Does XMetaL have Dropbox Integration ? Content generated through Author can be saved to shared location of Drop Box and rest work will be done by Drop Box to upload to server/shared location.

>> Not directly. You are of course free to save your files and then upload them or store them anywhere you like. A list of known integrations with content management systems is here: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,608.0.html

> c. Localization for different language of content written in Author tool possible ?

>> We have partners that specialize in this. Please check here http://xmetal.com/partners-solution/ and here http://xmetal.com/partners-service/

> d. Can Integrate/link the Video / 3D files in DITA files generated tool ?

>> This is a very advanced topic. I can say “yes” this is possible, but we do not offer a solution for this ourselves. Each solution created will depend on exactly which output you are generating, the capabilities of your audience's viewing tool (often a browser), exactly which type of content you want to include with the output and how you want the user to interact with that. For an example of what you will be up against Google “embedding video in HTML” (if HTML is your output type). As a first step it would be best to design your output (if this is HTML then it can be hand coded by a website expert) as simply as possible so that it includes the HTML and other code you need, then you can go to one of our partners that specializes in working with the DITA Open Toolkit and have them modify it so that it will generate exactly what you need.

> e. Is there any Scheduling job can be written in Author tool to publish certain setoff files from CMS repository / File System (Output files not DITA files) to be transferred to shared location like HTML5 / PDF output generated by DITA OTK ?

>> There is no built-in feature for this. This type of thing is generally handled by a CMS (as a built-in feature) with one of our partners that specializes in setting it up configuring things for you (this is often the CMS vendor but might be one of our other partners). For DITA this often entails running the DITA Open Toolkit on the same server as the CMS so that it has direct access to all files it needs. In this case the copy of the DITA OT that we install usually becomes what essentially amounts to a “preview” version that may or may not match exactly what the CMS produces for its output, depending on whether you wish to deploy any changes to the DITA OT made on the server to the local copy of the DITA OT on each user's machine so that they are the same. In some cases CMS systems will have special capabilities that can work with the DITA OT that make that impossible, so generating output from XMetaL in that case really becomes a simple preview.

>f. Can Workflow features available to review the content by Multiple author / reviewer through smart phone / Tablet devices and integrate the changes again in tool?

>> We used to have a tool that did this called “XMetaL Reviewer” but due to lack of demand we stopped making and shipping it. I don't believe there are any equivalent products on the market but you may wish to check with our partners to see if they might be able to help.