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Derek Read

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A bit more information. The option “Recheck All Text” existed in the original Corel spell checking system (for various products) before we integrated it into our software starting with version 4 (shortly after Corel acquired the XMetaL product line). The way Corel coded up their UI makes it difficult to alter, and so our development team left the UI mostly as it was while connecting its underlying functionality into the XMetaL system.

Though being listed in our documentation (likely copied from the original Corel documentation, possibly from WordPerfect) this particular setting was never hooked into our system (so checking or unchecking that checkbox does not change any behaviour). There is a defect in our bug tracker asking that it either be removed or that the documentation let people know that it does nothing. This was originally noted by QA but no clients have contacted us about it (making it a very low priority defect).